If you have yet not created a LinkedIn page for your business, it is high time to step in that shoe and get one. Whether you are a part of an organization, institution, or company, regardless of the size, it can open a lot of business opportunities for you as well as grow your audience. It is considered to be one of the most serious social media business platforms.

The staggering impact of LinkedIn
The platform might be way serious than Snapchat or Instagram, but it must not be overlooked.

  • About 30 million companies have sorted their way by choosing LinkedIn. And, around 52% of them agree that it plays an effective role in their buying journey.
  • LinkedIn supports a powerful promotion and acts as the most effective channel in generating about 80% of the B2B leads.

How to create a business page on LinkedIn
Let us now dive into the tips and tricks that go into creating a LinkedIn page for your company. The step-by-step guide is as follows:

  • You need to have a verified e-mail for creating a personal LinkedIn profile.
  • On the top right corner of your home page, tap on the WORK icon. Next, select the icon 'create a company page.'
  • Select the best description of your page from the page type menu, which says if it is a small business, medium-large business, or any high-school/college.
  • Next, provide all the relevant information about your page, your company's identity, and its objectives. It is wise to complete all the required fields as it boosts the weekly vies to about 30%.

Adding page admins on LinkedIn
Make sure that your page is well-maintained and up-to-date. You can distribute the team effort and encourage more admin authorization. The best time to sort out the admins is while you are gearing up to set the company page.

  • Select 'Admin Tools' at the top right corner of your home page. Next, on 'Page Admins.'
  • The next box allows you to make a selection out of the four types of page admins, which include Designated Admin, Lead Gen Forms Manager, Sponsored Content, Pipeline Builder Admins.
  • In case you are a page admin, only then you would be able to add someone. And, if it is already done, all you need is to write their name and save the changes.

Claim your LinkedIn page
In case LinkedIn creates a page for your company automatically, you need to claim it. This might happen when your firm's name has been added under the experience section to the employee profile.
So, make sure there doesn't exist such an automatic generated business page before you invest your efforts in creating one. It is an incredible step to claim the page, and you must do so to protect your brand's reputation. Follow these steps, as mentioned below to claim your business page:

  • Your page can only be claimed by members who hold the eligibility to become an admin.
  • Find the 'Claim' notification and next, 'View page.'
  • Select 'claim' this page.
  • Tick the required checkbox to prove your authorization.
  • Click on 'Confirm' to reach your admin page center.

Optimization of your LinkedIn page
There are various ways to optimize your page on LinkedIn and let us learn the ones enlisted below:

  • Use enticing images. For example- your cover photo.
  • Bring LinkedIn showcase pages into consideration.
  • Use relevant keywords and add a strong and powerful description in the 'About us' section of the page.
  • Share engaging and relevant content.

These are the initial steps to keep the page running. Let us learn these optimizing tips in detail that draw more attention to your visitors.

  • Use relevant visuals: Don't overlook the importance of prominent images. Your cover photo and logo are the first things that grab your visitor's attention, so don't compromise on it. The task doesn't here. Use relevant and professional images that convey a proper message about your brand's objectives.
  • Use showcase pages of LinkedIn: It is an optimization tactic to use LinkedIn showcase pages that promotes specific brand aspects and products of your company. It helps you build connections with LinkedIn members even if they are not your page followers. Tailor your content as per your target location and keep it up-to-date with consistent posts.
  • Consider relevant keywords: Update your 'About us' section regularly and keep your audiences informed. Make your presence compelling enough that boosts your authority. Go for clear and concise descriptions as they are easy to catch and allow your visitors to get to its core.
  • Share engaging content: Regular posts of engaging content holds prime importance as it helps you to reach your audience. There are endless ideas to get you started, such as the latest trends, guides, infographics, documents, e-books, YouTube videos, and many others.

Strategies to increase followers on LinkedIn
Creating a LinkedIn page is not enough to gather followers, but it requires time and effort. Let us learn some of the best strategies that help to build a following:

  • It is highly recommended to use a LinkedIn company page link by editing your work e-mail sign.
  • Do collaborative content and share with other employees to spread the word and maximize customer engagement.
  • Target a specific audience and sponsor your strongest content to generate leads.
  • Invest in Ad campaigns of LinkedIn and use its sharp ability to attract the audience of your choice.

Creating a LinkedIn business page for your company can work wonders if you stick to authenticity and stay relevant at the same time. No matter if you are an established company or a start-up, it will help you discover your brand and gain your trust. Just make sure to share experiences, tell stories, and add value to your content. Do not limit it only for the selling purpose. Consider quality over quantity, and you are not far enough to stand out from the crowd enjoying the boosting levels of engagement.

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